Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Check, check. Testing 1,2,3, is this thing on?

Okay so finally as a proud member of the Y generation I can finally say that I have started a blog! Yippee! This blog will chronicle my artistic endeavors in both art and photography, and I am certain many yet to be discovered mediums of potential interest as well. I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of my mad scientist world with you as I conjure, create, and yes, complain, through the process that is known as creating artwork. Its an interesting life and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Let me state now that I am on a bit of a hiatus. Life, as it has a way of doing so often, has prevented me from getting any new work done. Wait, let me take that back. I, (me, myself, I) have a way of preventing myself from getting any new work done. I can "blame" a myriad of events that take place from day to day on not allowing me to get anything accomplished, but in the end it is my own fault for not carrying my sorry self up the stairs to get a couple of hours of work in. Though to my won defense, I have been crazy busy! ;)

In light of my hiatus, hmmm sabbatical sounds better, let's go with that. In light of my sabbatical I am starting to feel those creative juices flowing again. Now it is up to me to find the time and motivation to get back at it. To some this may sound silly I know. To others you may lend me your sympathetic ear; but honestly the effort it takes to create a piece of work can really strain your Psyche and require a 'recharge' of your creative batteries.

When I am either commissioned to do a piece, or am doing one for myself, there is a process that takes place. You have to have the creative insight to visualize what you are striving for. Painting and architectural engineering are not very different as they both require forethought, design, draft work, and extensive knowledge and planning of the given subject at hand to properly render it, and let it stand on its own foundation. A strong painting has all of the elements of a building. One week link and no matter how solid the support is, the roof can still collapse. One mis-stroke can cause this collapse. Just ask to look at my trash bin!

Art is work, albeit enjoyable, but it is still work I assure you. Any given piece can take me from 4hrs to 140hrs, or more. When I begin the "process" I don't stop for much. I pop my ear buds in, set my MP3 player to roll through the tracks and get the whip cracking. My husband will tell you that when the studio door is closed unless it is a life or death situation it is best to just let me be. A funny thing happens during the process, and just about any artist will tell you this; you become in the "zone." The "zone" is a very intense place. You transcend away from reality, loose all sense of time, and tap into some deep roots of your Psyche. No obstacle is too great, no simple task too easy, things both just exist and you accomplish feats you didn't think were possible. It is a very cathartic place this "zone", but as I said, you stay in it for 8-12hrs for several sessions at a time and you sadly need to dock back into the port of reality to catch up on all that missed time. Not that I don't like to spend time in reality, but there is a one sided argument between being in the "zone" and paying the electric bill that is due in about 10 minutes...

Sadly I have been out of the "zone" since late February. I have a lovely Andalusian stallion prepared on a board that has been sitting on my easel since April. I was supposed to be working on him for a live demonstration but I became to enamored with my other love (photography) and forfeited the stallion for looking at cowboys & Quarter Horses through my viewfinder... My bad!

So maybe this blog thing will work. Maybe this post will be the proverbial string around my finger, my motivation, my own way of holding my feet to the fire, and my kick in the tail to walk into the studio, pull out the pastels, and get some work done! So, with that said, my task is to revisit the "zone" by this weekend and have something to show all the world on the new blog spot! Wish me luck!

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