Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in The Zone... Andalusian Stallion WIP

Ah... back in the zone. See this is why I love it so much.

Yesterday was starting out to be a typical lazy Sunday. Slept in late, did a few small things around the house, nothing really productive but nothing too strenuous either. At about 2:30 yesterday afternoon I suddenly caught the whim to crank out some artwork. I am currently working on a house sign, but was waiting for it to set up before I could continue working on it. Since last weekend slipped past without getting any work done I decided the stallion upstairs who has been on my easel since April needed to come to life.
This update is with about 5 hours worth of work. That includes shading him in, adding the first layer of colors and defining mass, and gradually building from there. Just layering the background colors took considerable time as covering the suede board takes considerable time and effort as the texture of the board can "bleed" through. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it often given dimension, but it can disrupt the patterns you are trying to build. This is a WIP (Work In Progress) and I will be updating as he comes together.
Right now I need to continue to build up the background, especially the left side of the painting. Depend my values where there is shadow, and add a few more highlights indicating light. The horse still has considerable amount of work left to do. He is a beautiful dapple grey Andalusian. As most do, he is in transition becoming lighter and lighter with age. The mottled pattern of the dapples are infused between deep darks, and lights that ebb and flow over his coat. He is striking, and accurately painting the dapples will be a fun challenge.
My favorite part about this piece is the play of light. I love light and from the moment I took the photograph of him I was excited about trying to paint the light. It has been fun, but there is still more to do. Working on toning the light and making it play on him is a fun prospect. Overall he is a fun horse to do and I look forward to posting with more updates soon!
Note: The above photo does not accurately represent the colors. I took a photo of this at about 10:30 last night under indoor lighting. Indoor lighting never makes anything look true, but especially at night. So hopefully I will get a better photo of it this evening.

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